deux ex machina

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Author ChaoStar
Tags action author:chaostar comeback rated
Created 2009-07-11
Last Modified 2009-07-11
by 10 people.
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Description It's a comeback. I suppose.

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You put me in your favourite authors list. <333

furry very happy :3


No overkill at all. This map was perfect, except at the end (see demo). Simple relaxed gameplay. Definitely a great map.
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it's a cool refreshment. (from your previous style.)

Not a fan but nice map..
It was alright. Not much special to it though. :/

Slightly above average.

nice map! not very good looking, but its fun, I enjoyed it a lot. I managed a pretty descent demo until I went bad at the end. Btw, I made a ded for you a few maps back, don't remember the number though :/
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Very few people are commenting today.


this was scary at first, but I got it in my very first try! I liked it. Tileset was designed well for the course. 4/5

it should be 'deus ex machina', and it means, literally, 'god from the machine'. possibly 'machines'.

not even close

know your latin