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Author astheoceansblue
Tags 218 author:astheoceansblue featured unrated
Created 2009-07-11
Last Modified 2009-07-11
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Description Nice and open.

This map was featured on 2010-01-02

We all know how atob can combine interesting gameplay mechanics with consistent aesthetics themes. However, occasionally this can lead to a dry experience, especially when imitated by other people. Thankfully, Mainvein provides a masterclass in how to manage these elements cohesively, and still provide a fresh and fun experience.

Freeform to the max, the fun here is generated from the player abusing the thwumps in clever ways to manouevre across the structure, and finding multiple paths to the same objectives. Many maps have tried this structure, and indeed style, and failed. Here's a reminder of how to do it well. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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some of the most impressive mechanics i've seen in a map

Awesome map

These thwumps are so great placed.

This is Pretty Good

I like this map. It has a nice and easy route to the door, but getting the gold presents a challenge. 4.5/5


Please do not feature any more maps today unless southpaw wants to reclaim his spot. The new feature stats are being finalised and I don't want to have to make changes whilst I'm making the images.

188 frame speedrun.

Pretty sloppy. Trying to improve.
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Nice :D

Cool map i like this style of map.

who's aht?

is it you?

I like atob.

Just thought I would put that out there. It is NOT weird!

nice map!

i lke its complexity. but my old computer is too slow to hanlde n(30ms/f)

Changed my mind completely about this map since last July. Faved.
that the thwumps ended up helping me a lot more than hurting me - the map would be a lot harder if they were not there, i think. Very cool.

I love the seekers at the top.
I need to try this kind of structure out, it's hot...
Odd, most of the maps that have been featured of mine I wouldn't have expected at all.

Best I could do.
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sub-200 is possible, I just didn't want pai_mei ahead of me ;] congrats on feature
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nice map

pretty open gameplay.
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I like this map style, it's very unique as skyline pointed out in the third post here. It has alot of unique features and the thwumps do good.

Thank you GHM

for featuring an ATOB map. I wanted to feature one during the week but apparently my review was found lacking.

Still, I definitely think ATOB deserves this kind of props. He's a marvelleous mapper and a great addition to NUMA :)

also, AGD

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really cool. imo anyway
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yeah. this is

really cool. one of my favourites from you probably. i dont know how i missed it. nice.

well done atob... 15 features! :D


probably my favorite map from you, gameplay-wise.
The gold complimented the map and wasn't overdone or underdone, and created a nice route for the ninja to travel. The thwump was a great touch, while the laser provided a relaxed threat.
Awesome map...faved
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I'll take that

there's not much you could do with it that would also be enjoyable. Feel free to prove me wrong, though!
I know it works with all drones but I've never seen it sucsessfully done with a laser or chaingun befor
Works with all drones. No need to credit anyone.
it was very hard to do

I may use the concept of letting lasers through doors some time but I'll credit this as where I got the idea from
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This is great.

Like Skyline said, it's unique. A refreshing map, to say the least. Very accessible, very fun. Love it.

Seems to me

that there are elements of Yahoozy and/or Cerberus in here. Doesnt seem Astheoceansbluey at all, but maybe thats just me.

Really nice tiles.

Love the center thwump section.

Thanks guys.

I'm happy with this one, nice and relaxing.


Very unique, too.

I really enjoyed speedrun, it was very well done. As ghm said, everything was placed excellently, I just couldn't find myself enjoying agd. but speedrun was really good
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It's the epic structure that won me over so much. Everything was placed so well, the excellent map that followed seemed a little underwhelming. Nevertheless, faved.