Shattered Thoughts

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Author MattyMc13
Tags author:mattymc13 flow metaing multi-path race rated tileset
Created 2009-07-11
Last Modified 2009-07-11
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description My attempt at making a race out of these tiles [], by Meta_Ing []. I myself think it's just fair.
But hey, it has two paths!
Ded to rit0987 [] for the fastest AGD on my map Sandwave []

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pretty nice

nothing much too say. 4/5
u shouldve made it a little longer, but whatever.

Highscore path

With a slight shortcut.
Demo Data


Nice job making a race out of these tiles. I personally thought the flow was pretty smooth given the tiles.
Demo Data


Damn keyboard.

A Bold move

trying to make a race out of these tiles.
Doesn't succeed wholly, as it's uiqte rough in places, but decent all the same. 3

oh never mind just found it

oh I got a ded for the fastest AGD on your other map! :D

Nicely done. Its cool it has two paths but could you post a demo for the longer and more difficult?
It's quite enjoyable. 3.5/5


Demo Data
for the longer and more difficult path
for the shorter and easier path
Demo Data