broken hearts tessellate tonight

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Author sTalkR
Tags action author:stalkr rated taciii
Created 2009-07-11
Last Modified 2009-07-11
by 11 people.
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Description for TACIII, theme was symmetry. also my first map submitted in a long time. this contest might bring me back to regular mapping.

AGD is definitely a challenge. i expect demos.

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i love Ratatat


oh well

as long as the judges like it...

don't worry.

i won't resub.

thanks :D I'm working on an even cooler one, but it's extremely difficult to pull off, I gave up for now, but I was going to say: Don't resub because this demo is awesome. But it isn't ready yet :)

and karma,

that speedrun is insanely cool.


sniping is fun!

:/ it got sniped, it's down to a 2, probably twice


just to show you what's possible...
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for all the comments and demos. i don't really know how the average can be 3 but it's not like i care too much about it either. i'll post an AGD soon.

a bit faster
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lol, far better then what I got from my attemp, nice work
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Demo Data


Rocket was a bitch/
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I'm sorry. I didn't notice the TAC things.



If you speedrun

The rocket doesn't even bother you(much).
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I like the precise jumps,
But hate the rocket.


I love the tile pattern you used and it turned out quite well.. I dont really like how jammed tight the rocket area is, making that gold difficult, but since that was mainly for bonus gold, it has a right to be hard. Other than that its quite good. 4.5^ :D


i only did the tiles btw, so there's really nothing i could do about the enemies. i tried to seclude the rockets as best as i could, but i agree that it still gets pretty intense at times.


Sorry, but this was just too inyourface for me. The rocket/gauss combo had enemies up your ass the whole time. It's a good map, just not my type of map. Looked good though.
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