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Tags action author:ndeavour hard inspired rated retile taciii
Created 2009-07-13
Last Modified 2009-07-13
by 12 people.
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Description Tileset Adding Contest III []

I won't go on about my struggles with trying to make a map for this, but let it be known it was no jump in the freezing lake.

Inspired by kkstrong and his "cartoony" tiles.

Dedicated to Riobe for the "Rate Exchange"


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this took me a while. funny how there are a lot of comments but not a single demo.

the aesthetics are stunning. the gameplay i did not like at first, but then i realized there's nothing wrong with it, it is just really really hard. you maybe could've spaced out the gauss part a little more though, but apart from that, very well done.
Demo Data
But it doesn't play well.


i took away some enemies and two mines hopefully its beatable
So is the gauss area.
The rest is OK.
Also, the gold seemed kinda unorganized.

Quite enjoyable.

A bit irritating at parts, however. Still, 3.5.

Also, funny how this map is also part of a rate exchange. :3


i posted 3 columns (polished) hope its better


its great i just need to edit some things that are misplaced


imm a noob still so when you said with a little polishing this could be good on 1 of my levels what did you meen? improving?


done. 4