Dead Space

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags 221 author:astheoceansblue unrated
Created 2009-07-14
Last Modified 2009-07-14
Map Data

Description "Isaac, the atmosphere processor has malfunctioned on the Engineering deck. I can't bypass the safety override. Before you can access the main engine room, you'll need to bring the processor back online.

Damn it, the malfunction was caused by a hull breach. The unit has built a built in defense mechanism in case of such an event, the targeting system will track any movement in the chamber.

You're going to have to clear all debris before the unit can be brought back online.

Good luck Isaac, and be careful"

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I really liked the gameplay of this one. here's a fast AGD:
Demo Data

It's nice.

Just a little gold overkill.
Demo Data

To clarify

I meant the progression of the center gold
but the lower tiles didn't feel quite as polished as I'd hope from you. The side gold may have been overdoing it...

First try demo

I might get a better speedrun.
Demo Data
but I always miss them. This one holds up expectations, I like it!

Very slow MGD

I couldn't quite get a full AGD :(
Anyway, I agree with GTM, this is the culmination of the first two versions, I really liked how you combined the thwump and launchpad sections together, and you solved my quibble about the gold into the bargain. The chaingun bit was pretty neat, too. If I had a complaint, it would be that the zap drones don't really do much, but I don't actually care tbh :P
Demo Data

By the way

I'm going to steal some mechanics from you for a map. :P

Don't worry, I'll credit you and all that jazz.

Dead Space

AKA Isaac fixes everything and gets scared shitless

fantastic game.


you perfectionist, you!


atob and I already had that discussion: he's not counting his collab with destiny, so it's 221.

Oh yeah

222 maps
By the way, you should map for MoA sometime.


Finally found an original enough mechanic to build the level around and be happy about it.

I reckon I'm done now. Thanks for the push, GTM. :p
It keeps making the original map better over and over again! :)