A walk in the park

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading doors easy rated rooms
Created 2009-07-14
Last Modified 2009-07-15
by 14 people.
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Description this was kind of inspired by amusement park. i hope you like it.

if its below 3.5 i would like to no why so tht i can improve it.

This is my personal favourite so far.

Thank you.

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for your comment i will rate some of yours :)


Not bad. I liked it. Fun Stuff.


but died, too many of everything 3/5
Demo Data


so parts was good, but there was alot of useless objects

and you fav levels by clicking the picture of the running ninja in the upper left corner of the map


for the ratings dont worry i rated loads of urs. how can you fav a level?

Hmph not bad

many objects were uneccesary though, for example the two thwumps together at the begininning, along with the six one-ways that didnt affect gameplay.. some people use enemies sometimes for decoration (most often floorguards or mines, but there are certainly others) but most people tend to dislike too much of the uneeded enemies (such as your gauss and rocket pack on the right)

there were several rooms i liked, such as the bounce block room, the gauss idea after that, and the drone room is pretty typical.

ps i gave ya a 3.


You could use the Map Rating Thread on the forums.
Or just let your mapping abilities develop, and you will eventually make great maps.

Thanks for the comment! :P

I mean



are some map-maping guides [].