It's a Big Fat Panda

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Tags author:ndeavour cool inspired n-art panda pandamonium rated
Created 2009-07-15
Last Modified 2009-07-15
by 41 people.
Map Data

Description The Ninja is for Might (Greatest survival ever)
Dedicated to Amanda (Because Guiseppi said she'd love it)
Thanks to Leaff (For the original idea)

And for anyone that hates n-arts, I am sorry ;_;

5282 objects :D

Rates are on because morvone said so.
<Inspired> ~%turn rates on or turn rates off
<&morvone> Inspired: turn rates on
<Inspired> okay

Hopefully this brings us into the 'n-art season' :D

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u make epic N art!



5/5 all his maps r 5/5


Did the season start? :)


N arts look better in thumbnails


LOL []
Let's put it that way

It's okay,

But I wouldn't say great.
And gantrka is just jealous. He obviously has no idea how hard decent n-arts are to produce...


flawless :D
but a solid action?
It seems like appreciation is lagging

It looks like...

Sexually Harassed Panda to me.

I can see why they don't like having sex - look at that flab!


and this one is not fat its cuddly 5

Very Good.

For a fatty.


Absolutely incredible!

i thought it looked like skypanda


its snorlax<3
This is the "Greatest survival ever," even though Panda's are least likely to survive anything endangering. That's why we have the PFP [] wildlife organization.
change the name to Pandara's box, I'm fine with it XP.


playableness = 0

coolness = 10

avg = 5/5

or maybe...

Pandara's box!
I would've prefered something boring like "Panda" to something done to death like "Pandamonium"


gameplay= 0 rating
tiles= 0 rating

should i rate it as a 0?

ahhhh i would but i already gave it a 5. sorry

2 hard

1 minus 1

hehe <3 Stepfather

I think he might have sniped but I dont care :D


the point is not to load it into your N, silly.
It's art. I don't know why you'd load it into your N when you can obviously see that it's an impossible map that is a panda made out of rockets. You amuse me.

what the hell

this is pointless and it looks crap when you load it up and it takes ages to load.
vaguely remember him
that I miss him? That would be great.
but I honestly don't think this is worth all the fives it is getting.
F'ing awesome xD

He looks so fat

I dislike the stems coming off the bamboo and also the eyes. In general it seems a little shabby tbh