only way out through hell

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Author ultimatereading
Tags action author:ultimatereading fun medium puzzle rated
Created 2009-07-15
Last Modified 2009-07-16
by 12 people.
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Description if you want a good challenge get all of the doors to unleash drones of all sort.

Good luck.

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And too much gold (which isn't pretty).. Either the parts were too easy or too hard :p

i completed

it first time. i would add a demo but i dont have n-reality.

I liked it

till it got too hard and i didnt understand it, too many enemies near the end and i dunno how to get passed them :(
Demo Data


do i use the example?


you can use this one for exsample:


im on it


tht should help would you mind rating my rated maps?
uhh.....ummm.........really I am no expert. But I think I know where you can improve greatly. Whenever you start a map from scratch, you should always start with the tiles. Make a design or pattern that is pleasing to the eye, and also has potential for good playability. Then put the items in, and you dont need to fill the screen with them to make a good map.

.....does that help?

I agree

with crystal on the spamming stuff, while i have my own thoughts on the tileset. try checking this out, Map Theory [], and go to the end of the page, it tells you what makes a good map a... good map. I'll give you a 4/5 on this map thou aswell.
it was well built, overdone in very few places (the chaingun/mine area being one of them), there was a lot of gold, but it was fun to get and not very out-of-the-way so it wasnt a problem.

Hmmm... Improvement

Nice job, you improved alot. Just one thing. Too much gold and mines. Don't spam the gold. Make the gold somewhat of a challenge. And don't spam the mines.

why only a 1?

... soz i just want to no so i can improve.