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Author Arona_Daal
Tags action adclimber admusic author:arona_daal playable rated themarsvolta
Created 2009-07-16
Last Modified 2009-07-16
by 5 people.
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Description I know this is not the most opportune time to post a map. I know I'm not PALEMOON. I know that getting all the gold and suriving is hardly possible.

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78 frames faster then meta, great map!!!!!!
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They are here:

Sidke then also posted this:


well, i had never left the community entirely; i was just not posting the maps i made :P

i'm a bit confused about your comment on this map []. i can tell it was supposed to be a joke, but about what? like, did you mean not to post such a bad map, or what? :x

Faster AGD

I really like it, it's very funny. And addicting, seems plain, but I like the design.
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thats odd... i was just watching that episode of red dwarf :P

this maps fun, but hard >.<

agd. 3.5/5 down. ugly. and pretty basic and unimaginative, but surprisingly fun
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hard...too hard *brain explodes*
still 4/5