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Author MickyTP
Tags author:mickytp rated taciii
Created 2009-07-16
Last Modified 2009-07-16
by 12 people.
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Description TACIII

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Despite the first impressions this thumbnail makes, the action flows surprisingly well, and the gameplay feels polished, which is quite remarkable given that you didn't edit the objects.

Also, way to be Hitler, Karma.

i like this map

4/5 good one.
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as in, you put no effort into it. It's really poorly refined. I didn't have any fun play this. It just looks and feels extremely preliminary, I have the feeling you only posted this to get it over with.
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I had this idea of tunnels. I quite liked the challenge of the gauss but each to their own.

The thumbnail

looked quite nice, but the jaggedness of the tileset really hindered gameplay, I felt. The drone pathing was quite nice considering you couldn't edit the objects, but the stop and start middle section is a real turn-off for me.


OK then.


Its okay. Other maps from this contest have been better. 3

slow agd
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