The Cherry on Top

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Tags author:ndeavour easy flow highscore race rated speedrun
Created 2009-07-17
Last Modified 2009-07-17
by 22 people.
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Description For the Finding Foundations Competition []

I had to take this map [] and "Spruce up" the tiles. Though it may seem completly different to the original, you can have my word that I started with those tiles and just threw my ideas at the map. (Ask Life247 if you are still unsure).

Thanks Meta_Ing and Life247 for playtesting.

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Neat. Fun to keep playing over and over. 4


Sub-250 :()
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a bit short

I miss you!!!!!!!
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Has some flaws...

...but still nice.


the flow was bad.
but nice job on original tiles.
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Good considering

what you started with
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wow.. if there was a definition of overrated. 2.

Not that impressive

It's not very flowy.


just 5...
That is where I pinched them from :D

this map makes me

wanna make sweet love to those thwumps



Nope, it's on NReality.


I did that super-de-uper bounce block corner kick and still got over Meta_Ing's time and it wasn't even AGD.

Ah well, I will have to get the cyborg finger transplants sooner or later.
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did you fbf that?


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Speed Run

Made it under 250
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All gold run

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I'm glad you made it into a race.
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