You do Something to Me

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Author MickyTP
Tags action author:mickytp collab gtm guitarheromatt mattkestrel rated
Created 2009-07-17
Last Modified 2009-07-17
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description You do something wonderful...
And throw it all away.

Collab with Matt.

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I love this map! tiles are top! objects nicely placed 5



sorry. You come along, have a go at one of my maps, and I acquire a sniper... 2 + 2 = 4.


lol, don't take me too seriously, I don't hold a grudge, things come and go, forget about it

the tiles could've been alot cleaner like your wildwood map, but the gameplay on this map is great, enjoyed all of it. I wasn't a fan of the thwump or laser, but if you used the enemies to your benefit, it worked nicely, good work!
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your maps

interesting staff

I think we

better collab one day, when I'm really bored. 4/5.