Early Civilization

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Author MattyMc13
Tags action agd author:mattymc13 tileset unrated viil
Created 2009-07-18
Last Modified 2009-08-13
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Viil's [] tileset [].
Fastest AGD will get a ded in my next map.

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quite fun

i liked the start
but it got kinda boring near the end

slightly faster

i'm done now
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i guess if it kept me working on an agd i couldn't have disliked it too much. Still i don't know, wasn't too exciting to me, i guess i have different tastes from most people... maybe... oh, and i guess this is the fastest so far, but it bothers me because i kept going faster and jumping over that bounce block at the end... NR because i don't want to give it a lower rating than it probably deserves...
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It all fit well with the tileset and made for a great chance to explore but also feel threatened at the same time.

I beat rit

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I like it:D 3.5/5 ... and not a great AGD
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lol no :)

ancestors were.

the gauss' were placed horrificly, the rest is great, faved
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