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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading easy fun puzzle rated
Created 2009-07-20
Last Modified 2009-07-22
by 11 people.
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Description this is my first race map i give most credit to swipenet.

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a 3/5 because it sucks so bad. :(
...but still nice. I forgot what I rated it though. I rated it days before I commented on it.

Pretty Good

Some bits weren't flowy.
However good for a first.

not bad.

you could work a bit on the flow and the tiles, but otherwise its pretty good. Didnt Rate. BTW check out my newest tilesets?

could you

give me some advice on how to make it harder or faster?
try to mak it a little harder, as some of the others said,
too much gold, reduce them.
the thwumps at the lower left corner are completely useless
don't worry. there's always next time:)

I made

one my name is ultimatereading

Don't worry

Those forums aren't for children ;D
You start out by making a user (my UserID is UndeadPie)
To send private message:
1. Press user control panel (located in upper right corner)
2. Press private messages (located in the left middle)
3. Type message (all the fancy options aren't necessary in the first place)

ok thanks

i would be happy if you rated my maps thank you :)
1. Place the drone (positions its data at the end of the map data)
2. Remove the last number of the data (it will be 0,1,2 or 3)
3. Load the map (remember to click out of the data box)
As for featured maps, NUMA has reviewers who pick out maps of extraordinary quality which they make a review on.
That's a feature :D
As for the rated maps not showing, there's not much to do.. I've experienced the same problem but over time you'll find that it means very little :)


not hard at all. too much gold tbh and i would of loved to see this as a race map with alot more speed, too slow. but fun, wish there was abit more of a challenge to it like a drone following u so u need to go faster or it will kill u or something
Demo Data


your the best! i not very good but i will get there. Would you mind rating some of my levels i really need some rated levels. :)

Now you just

Go ahead and use it :)
I'll be looking for the result


not ment to be hard its ment to be fun.


too easy there... Way too much gold for such an easy level. Try making the way through more difficult, filled with bombs and one way plats.


play a demo, copy and paste the demo data from a comment into the demo data box in edit mode. Then, making sure you're not typing in the demo data box, press "3", then "Q" and then "P". You should be able to watch demos then. Hope that helps!
do you have nreality?
I don't know much about races but this has to many spammed objects just remember when making a map that every object you place should add some element of challenge or interest to the map this includes gold. If you find yourself placing long lines of gold, thwumps that won't be used of one-ways which do the same job you should think to yourself I've gone wrong somewhere and ask yourself what these specific objects achieve. If you want to know more about the basics of mapping but can't be bothered to read long guides theres a short several line manifesto on my user page which might help you just advice I thought might help :)

no probs

you are tho you are fair wen u rate my maps you give me great ideas and always willing to help me :)

haha thanks

for saying im one of your fav authors

im crap at races

so if you want advice, ask riobe