pyro technology

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Author MickyTP
Tags action author:mickytp rated
Created 2009-07-20
Last Modified 2009-07-20
by 13 people.
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We'd all appreciate it.
That or else stop getting so worked up about what other people say about your opinion. We've banned people for just this reason, because their "crusade" gets too out of hand that they can't seem to control themselves any more. Worry about your own opinions and less of other people's.

NUMA Moderator
ill say chill.. the map itself is aiiight, tiles looked nice though, 3.5. and i like the word pyro:)
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idk who you are

but y do you care what i rate. i give maps 4 and 5s because i feel they deserve them. and your NEW, not even a month has passed since you started NUMA and nmapping. how can you be an expert with barely any experience in the field?

i feel like snipping it, but im a nice guy. i dont snip others maps. at all. thats how low your going.
You say in your profile "dont say my maps copy another style",
Yet all you do is say my maps are the same and they suck.


I dont know why you think you are so much better than everyone...I can rate/look at/play/comment on any map I want
much better and deserves a 4. so it was not to be rude or anything...


I guess if you're into speedrunning or whatever this would be good, but otherwise it's too easy to dodge the drones. Not very appealing to me.
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Thanks for the zero

I think you'll be devastated to know I don't give a fuck.

It is.


It felt a bit cramped
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