Ephemeral caves with faces

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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading cave mines rated
Created 2009-07-22
Last Modified 2009-07-22
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description all credit to stoneysmile who made the tile-set.

Hope you like this map it should be quite easy.

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are you sure that was the right data? this is what i got- it looks wrong



i dont have irc and im not part of forums


do u want to start the collab? ive got some tiles here to start



mechanics were pretty cool, but the door system was amateurish.


your best until now xD
a bit working on the mines and it will be great

Of course.

I'm really just the same as the rest of you, except I can delete posts and disable your accounts, among other things. :)


are you still alloud to rate peoples maps?

It means.

That I manage the site.


wat do i should do lots of drones mines gold?

here is the tileset


thanks can you rate

some of my maps please.


you can use any of my tilesets if you credit me.

thank ya

hmmm about this map, XY hits a lot of the points ive found. also, which xy kinda refers to, some objects were unecessary, such as certain clumps of mines. lesser mines in certain areas would have accomplished the same thing.. the gausses and lasers work well tho gameplay-wise


im sorry have not been doing this long!


no... it's a contest, your not supposed to copy, duhs


it wasn't too hard and it wasn't too easy either. i like it
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have posted

new map

yeah soon

just been really busy but the collab between me and viil might be out tonight we'll see and I've got a couple of others I've been working on.

It's ChaoStar,

just like NUMA.
Generally I use song titles or something from a random phrase generator, or I ask people for something random. Titles don't make maps, though. ;)


would you like to make a map together?

AGD and advice.

This map is nice :]...

Well, I don't like the gold very much; at some places you did this mine-next-to-mine-thing which looks bad, too :/...
But everything else was very good^^
... A good thing is the (in my opinion) perfect difficulty... Because of this difficulty this map is really fun :]... The enemies are well-placed (if you don't look at the gauss at the top right corner which does nothing xD)...
I don't see why the launch pad part is so bad, too... Ok, it's not really necessary, but also not sooo~ terrible...

Result: It was a good idea of schaaaf, you could make more maps with tilesets of other authors ^^... Or you could work now on a really cool tileset and then try to place objects after making the tileset... Yes, I think that would be the next step :]....
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i have made one its ultimatereading wats yours?


Just PM me the starting map data.

make an account at


um...would you like to make a map together?
Two things to remember:

1. it's never about difficulty; it's about fun.

2. The tileset is key to creating a good map. perfect the tileset, and the map is one step closer to perfection.
but the spring path at the end is kinda anoying, it makes the entire right half of the map pointless, since it just throws you right into the exit. you're improving though, keep it up

LOL i was right

watch this, i was right about what would happen when i get to the lauch pads, you get killed
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really want to get to the end bit as it looks fun, kinda too much launch pads though so its probably not a challenging ending and i hate launch pads like that because you need to move into them at the right angle and direction or you normally end up dieing
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but if they werent there the rest of hte map is very good :D it looked easy but it was hard :S and the mines where a ghood challenge but with the lasers there it was a very very big challenge hehe