republic (ruin)

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Author steez
Tags action author:steez featured rated
Created 2009-07-23
Last Modified 2009-07-23
by 21 people.
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Description this is for you, skyline

This map was featured on 2009-08-26

I began my usual routine; 7:00 PM the night before my review, leafing through the favorites list of some author on the Hot Maps page for a featuring candidate. And that's how I found the maps of steez.

I settled on this one for its slow, smooth gameplay, perfect placement, and badass arches in particular. Here in the republic, the tileset is cubism gone sane and the gameplay is like a romantic scene from a martial arts flick; but most importantly, like the major scale and the number 1.61803399, there's just a kind of cosmic rightness holding everything together. — Onesevennine

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sure, it was copied, and it was a bit boring in that respect, but it was decent.

i realized

just how much i hate using bouncies to make myself jump high enough to get to the next part. 4


100% of this map is 60% Sendy.

Maths moves in mysterious ways.

What brianlyao said

60% of this map is 100% Sendy.


is so ripoff of a couple maps I've seen...

nice map.

gold looked beautiful, mines were placed well.

why does the gold look like Star Of Davids hahaha? I don't think I've ever played a map that I've made the same mistake more on. Those mines are annoying
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Pretty boring and ugly. I like the first jump.

The gold was cool

the tiles were unoriginal and not even that good anyway game-play was ok. I agree it's just kinda boring certainly not cosmically inspired.


This tileset just seems like it was carbon-copied from that kkstrong map, and that kkstrong map looks like it was carbon-copied from a Sendy map.
instead of all that 1.618 crap. The rest of the review was nice, though.

You already know how I feel about this map.
than the bottom

I TOOTED!!!!two


Steez is incredibly pretentious.

yeah man

It's a featured map, not a featured author
Screw him, man. This map's cool.

That was fantastic.

And there are so many things I want to say about the map I cant put it in to words. Just pretend I said something about the gold patterns and Jewish stereotypes.

oh man

that went quick, in reference to both the change in features and how soon Steez got a featured map. It happens I guess.
Who gives a shit? cucumber_boy, nobody cares about your accusations. You can't prove it, and even if he did take the idea from your map, you should be honored that you have ideas that inspire people. Stop being so immature and just deal with it.

Oh, whatever

I like the map.

even multi-accounters can make good maps.

you aren't new at all


this guy is not new. at all. just another multi-account.


if your first map is really your first map posted, you're not new.


good difficulty, nothing bad about it
its just normal i guess
i think this map is boring.

I hate you

I hate you
I hate you
I hate you

my fav

out of all your maps. It has a nice tile-set good object placement. 4.5/5
At the least, this is extremely well built, with all sorts of gameplay nuances. At the most, if you continue diversifying your style, youre becoming one of my favorite authors. 4aved.


I liked this. The only things that bothered me was the gold triplet felt out of place with all the other big clumps, and the mine on the exit door.
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1. overrated
2. generic
3. pretentious
4. ripoff

But don't let that bother you, as long as the map is fun and you enjoyed making it, it's all good. :)


People are gonna throw a lot of shit at you. Just map as you like.

You don't necessarily have to listen to me either :p

And yes.

What moony said there.

Dumb death agd.

Dhis is put together well, a little facless, but solid and a good atmosphere.

I don't like the boucneblock formations, they seem a little awkward, but the rest is fine.
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1) Saying how you made the map is always suspicious when not prompted

2) []


Reminds me of Sendy.

I started off

messing with gold patterns and then built the map around them.