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Author chume14
Tags action author:chume14 chume rated time traveler viil
Created 2009-07-23
Last Modified 2009-07-23
by 7 people.
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Description Collab between me and Viil For the It takes 2 collab tournament.

The concept is N travels though different ages in time from Jurassic through Nomadic and Modern-Day and on into the future.


no. 38

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if you ever like to

please post the feedback of my map pack here []
it's that url just for the time the other one doesn't work
please post at least anything...

did it

let's see how they like it...

abit laggy

but really solid, well thought out gameplay. 4


I'd love to get on with our collab this weekend, if you got time
please give me an answer, that explains when you want to continue the collab and/or if I should/could already start editing the gameplay...
please write me soon, otherwise it will be me who hasn't got enough time ;(


Chume, give me a haircut.

Hah thanks



I love haircuts.

Hey again.

I am aware of Muse publishing The Resistance at the 14th of September. That'll give me a month and 12 days for me to listen to it, so I know all the songs for the 26th of October, when I'm going to one of their gigs in Copenhagen. :D

And about the attention... I don't get that much attention here on Numa, if any attention at all. It's users like Palemoon and other "legendary" Numa-users that get all the attention because people are used to their maps being a success.

I, myself, try to visit every players map, so I can guide them if they've made a bad or so I can compliment them for making a good map.
Not many do that, and that's why it's hard for a new user to rise to the top. Anyway, thanks for YOUR attention :)

And a mere death demo, trying to get AGD :P
Demo Data


first: you forgot to rate again, here []
second: I'd be very interested in a collab, if you're away soon, I wouldn't bother to start now, just tell me what's more convenient for you
third: stay cool...

did you rate

"the calm before the storm"???


at least tell me, please
P.S.: just released one of the levels in my map-pack...


so it seems I've found a "soulmate" lol
nevertheless, I like your maps, you're quite creative, try to embed a picture in your maps- that's cool
I think, I'll go through some of your maps now, maybe they inspire me...
you could do that with my ones as well, but just a suggestion... :)


have you seen my collab map created by me and jawbit. we got 7 ratings 5/5

It's odd.

The theme was good but the tiles were hard to move on (but it got better as you "progressed through time"). I don't liked the "forced" aspect of it either. It was like "you have such and such room to move along our theme, if you don't, you die and start over." I like a more free map. I think you tried to put too much into too small of a space.

is it ok

if i use some of your dinos in my tile-set?


you like to collab with me?

Nice way

of bribing people to take a look at your map... still exceptional work. 4/5
I don't think this is a very good time to post maps in terms of viewership but can't be helped we'll have to see what the judges think.

i dink we did gwood

i hopes odder peoples dink so do.


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