An Intruder Lurking in the Shadow Castle

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 collab playable rated
Created 2009-07-23
Last Modified 2009-07-23
by 12 people.
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Description Collab between me and furry_ant.

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This is...

Quite easily...

The FUNNEST map I have played in nearly a year! I haven't had so much fun with a map since Unreality made the mods for Rocky Drones and then made a map with an entire column of them!

I was afraid, by the time I would beat the level, that I wouldn't have a funny, awesome demo with multiple close calls that was simply prevalent in my playing of the level. Particularly, the second rocket launcher. A few times I practically danced with that rocket, trying to avoid it!

And the chaingun drone! So many times did I have to jump into the shots to avoid the rocket, and somehow come out unscathed!... Only to fly into the mines afterwards.

So I offer you this: A demo. You'll have to watch it to see if I ever did complete the level. ;)

Faved - and I'd rate it 5/5 but I don't want to screw up your 777 ratings.
Demo Data

Great map.

Aesthetics and gameplay are great.


There's another jump you can do to get that gold :p
Demo Data
imo, it added an unnecessary level of frustration to the map. the rest is solid, and the gold delay worked pretty well. 3.5


I likey.



Took me a while.
Demo Data


What Viil said.