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Author AsITakeABreath
Tags action author:asitakeabreath unrated
Created 2009-07-23
Last Modified 2009-07-23
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Description Yeah.


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of course,

right after i submit a demo i get a faster one... only by a frame, though.
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fastest I can do
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send me a link to that wiki, I'll have to see it a jillion times...


this way is obviously much slower and even harder, i think, but still it's just kinda funny. Cool map, I'll actually give it 4/5.
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the start of that map, stupid play to put a ninja and annyoing, when i got passed it i found a cheat way of doing it really fast but i died by a stupid mistake and didnt record demo :(

Second Try AGD

I don't think it has spammed enemies. The gold and mines look a bit awkwardly, but the gist of the map is there and it's fine by me.
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first map?

pretty cool, most firsts have spammed enemies. Interesting idea. Keep it up!