all the leopards are dead

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Author origami_alligator
Tags action author:origami_alligator collab frets mappack unrated
Created 2009-07-24
Last Modified 2009-07-24
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Description This is a map that Fingersonthefrets and I collab'd on. From our map pack.

I hope Frets didn't already submit this under his account.

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I don't mind.

Although, since I only have one account right now (or so you think), it means I can't actually rate anything... BUT I DESERVE IT RIGHT.

Just as long as you disable ratings on cashewchicken. [] For a while. He deserves it.

It was done

because I can't have you voting twice on the same maps.


i would appear to not be able to rate maps. hmph.

well, fair's fair.


I'll flag your southpaw any day of the week. ;D

Thanks! I really liked building this map with Frets (it took a while...) but in the end it was a job well done. Our other 3 collabs all turned out really well too, methinks.

i have to exercise my creativity somehow. btw i really liked this one from the rever.
at least until i get my old toy back?
I was wondering how you defined the shoulder.


you must have some kind of grudge against me

messed up the ending of my speedrun,so I guess it's a completion :/ really nice! I wonder how long you spent on this map, the gold kinda flooded the map, but it's really well constructed, faved
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I was reinstated today.. so idk.


Plus, whoa I thought you posted the pheidi blurb! Either some inactive mod is having fun, but my guess is atob had one last little splurge of admin fun.

i'm cool with this though :D


do you have any ideas who reinstated me? plus, was i the only one?


well, dude. i'm happy to review again. please let me stay.

Oh man,

brings back some good memories.
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I can't wait to feature some great maps!


I knew i wouldnt have a chance it was just a light mood joke. trying to relieve some of your stress as you boldly become an admin.


Better say something vaguely relevant...
I quite liked this, the sections really meshed well together and the difficulty was well maintained so that it wasn't exactly easy but not annoyingly hard either :)


You have a real knack for timing.
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