Water Pollution

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Author XY
Tags action author:xy fish medium ocean playable rated
Created 2009-07-25
Last Modified 2009-07-25
by 6 people.
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Description It makes fish going apeshit.


The tileset is Great Barrier Reef [] by oof_kabooff []... ultimatereading [] wanted to make a map with it, but he didn't like his map, so he delisted it and said I could make the map better as well... And here is it^^... In the end I used maybe six mines or something ulitmatereading used to :P...


Ded to ... I-don't-know :/... McFizzle [] is the only one who played my last map [] and my own demo was better than his one, so...
Well, fuck it. Here is your dedication, McFizzle^^... *gives cookie*

Edit: Unreality [] made a much better demo now, so here's another dedication. (But that's really the last one ;])

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Sorry about my map

havign no exit, put one in now
I rated it a four
but the gameplay was good. My only gripe is that it felt a bit restricted, mostly because of the tiles I think, but also, the mines kind of restricted you as well, making it somewhat difficult to evade the rocket.
is written: Supports BBCode []... Click the link, there's an explanation.^^

how do you

make a link? thanks

A 5? O.o

Danke^^... Hätte nicht gedacht, dass jemand diese Map so toll finden würde :P...

hmmm... An Against-Global-Warming map?... That's a good idea :]...

... Total Fail Demo: xD
Demo Data


i think somebody should do a map against the global warming^^


map is realy amazing man 5aved