Free Until They Cut Me Down

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Author karmap0lice
Tags author:karmap0lice featured mando-diao nreality unrated
Created 2009-07-25
Last Modified 2009-07-25
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Description **nreality**

This map was featured on 2014-03-30

Hello again. My name is Mat, and if you’re reading this, chances are we’ve run out of Reviewers. Ah well, everything ends eventually. But don’t fret, friends, because we can make due with what we’ve got: hundreds of thousands of maps and a couple of guys who are very dedicated. And speaking of dedicated, this map requires you to be dedicated. Insanely dedicated and horribly addicted, as it made me. Chaos is the theme of this map, and karma knew it well.

So as the song goes, I’ll hang around, free until they cut me down. — Aidiera

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just been looking through karma's maps from this period, turns out we had pretty much exactly the same taste in music (and map names!) in 2009...
this map needs less of everything

block drones are awesome and i wish i'd used them more - guess i still can - but there is very little room for any kind of conscious decision making here


also, we would have accepted 'crapshoot'.

One word

To do a speedrun I reckon :P
Heaps fun addicting map, love it!! 5/5
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chaotic and frustrating, yet addictive.
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after I realize that the ninja flies.
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wacky random

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Plays swimmingly.

Dig the outside tiles, too.

Right. my bad

my next map will be dedicated to you. I promise : )

Really funny

Hahaha! Certainly there's a chaos! Planning does not work here, the only thing you can is 'trying' to survive until the day ends.

That was really funny for me. This map is such for relaxing.
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lol, it is possible, watch stonedeagle's demo :)


agd impossible??


That's some crazy shit stonedeagle.


Fastyish AGD
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Faster speedrun

First completion
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you can also try only jumping :)
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demo to start, compete away! :)
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