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Author furry_ant
Tags author:furry_ant chaostar dedication rated
Created 2009-07-25
Last Modified 2009-07-25
by 24 people.
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Description CHAOSTAR!!!

I miss him already. :(

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Lovely. :D

That laser is a bastard. Great work, Fuzzy.


You're submitting maps and I'm not noticing them. THAT IS NOT BEARABLE. *plays*


You like my maps? Seen my new one (my fave)

it's me, of course.

(no, I'm not back. I'm busy RCE'ing DW40's maps.)
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I miss him too.



nice map
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Was going to be for my mappack but it didn't fit in well enough and didn't have an exciting atmosphere.

Bla bla bla.


Faster Speedrun

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Slow AGD

I didn't think it was that good. For the most part, it was empty and boring.
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except that there isn't enough going on at the sides of the map.

you overdid a few things on the map
I miss chaostar too D:
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Thanks Radium.


Oooh and thanks ultimatereading.

But I'm not.


Hmmm, stupid sniper.


Some bastard

Is sniping. I anti-sniped. But it didn't do anything.


just as good i think personally :)

Slow speedrun

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I can't.

It's been rated already.

Poor ChaoStar.

He wouldn't want a snipe.

I'm disabling ratings.



It got sniped.

very very nice 4.5/5 down