Never Grande

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Author ColdKesa
Tags author:coldkesa ever grande more never tileset unrated
Created 2009-07-26
Last Modified 2009-07-27
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Ti|eset. Random object placement.
Remove them and use it if u want..
May want to edit tiles for better gamep|ay..

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alright, take the data for just the tiles, copy paste it into the box on the pastebin site. Give it a name in the box just below the large box in my link than press send. use the url from the page you end on and post that link in your description

what are


Interesting tileset, btw.

I dun get

the pastebin thing and yes i made the ti|es

do you want to remove the description today? I gave you a link and full information

ctrl x the map data and ctrl v it into the box [], give it a name and send it. Then, save the changes on numa.

awesome tileset, work more on the gameplay though. Also, are those tiles made by you?
Demo Data

Next time



How come the words just fly off the page..