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Author spoof
Tags action author:spoof bounce unrated
Created 2009-07-26
Last Modified 2009-07-26
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Map Data

Description My 50th map!! Enjoy!

On request, I can switch the turrets between rockets or gausses, both are fun to play with.

Edit: The turrets are currently rockets :D

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Kinda Kool

heres a semifast AGD 4.5/5^
Demo Data


here's a screw around agd with the gausses.
Demo Data
I will edit it into rockets though.. anyone else just let me know if you want me to change it back to gauss.. i will change it as people desire.

You know the customer is always right:)

O yeah

rockets didnt work well for the first setup i had, but ive changed the bounce blocks since then.. ill mess around with it and see if rockets are better first.


And gauss + bounceblocks = broken keyboards.


I agree, rockets + bounce blocks = uber gameplay.


Rockets! Not gauss!