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Author Meta_Ing
Tags author:meta_ing the tileset unrated
Created 2009-07-27
Last Modified 2009-07-27
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Description The

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A tad faster.
Demo Data

Demo Data

Demo Data

yeah, reached 74 seconds (74.150)
Demo Data

Demo Data

Omg, only 1 frame behind Tunco
Demo Data


is a ded sometink like a devotement? dont know...
please explain it to me
Demo Data
but swipenet takes the cake
Demo Data

i am a heron i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak if you´╗┐ don't repost this comment on 10 other maps i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans


Problem is I got an awesome computer that came with photoshop, but it crashed and was deleted from the computer. ;-;


That was done pretty quickly.


Could you re-sub your demo for 154414? I want that ass-kicking demo to be proven to be legit.


if you didnt check out my response, I have had Mirc for a LONG time. I just never get on it. If you want me to at some time when u see me on just let me know on one of my maps and I'll pop in for a bit. I believe i still remember how it works :D

I used these tiles.

You should check it out. I think you might like it.
think of what I did with them before I sub it. If you don't like it can you change it a bit. would be very helpful []






Demo Data

what's the trick?

can ya pass it on?


i realized i never answered your question on my ninja mile map way long ago, you asked if i have nreality, and i apologize for taking so long. to answer your question, no i dont have it, ive actually never even used it. why do you ask?
Can we sub it for the 200th? It's hot so far! :P

(Also, we should finish it tomorrow, I think.)

nice tiles

hey... um how would i go about doing a resubmission? figured i'd ask you since you say many of your maps are resubs...
could collab to make you 200th map XD
and can you rate my map that you commented on please
map collab it you want.


I didn't see it at first for some reason...
Cool font, looks pretty usable, too.


Feel free.

would it be cool if i used it

A tileset

feel free to use, just credit.