and so the dream ends at the beginning...

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Author origami_alligator
Tags author:origami_alligator frets mappack unrated
Created 2009-07-29
Last Modified 2009-07-29
Map Data

Description I've waited a long time to post this map.
It is probably one of, if not /the/ hardest map in fantasque rever.
I hope you at least enjoy it. I had a hell of a time making it.

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1. stop what i was doing
2. say "oooooh tiles"
3. *click*

Can you please

disable ratings on my account. Thank you.
so if you could disable rating privileges on this account that'd be great ;D



uh is there any way to donate to the site?
I want to contribute to the site in anyway possible.


I've forgotten the reviews I sent you so post em on one of my older maps please. Thanks.

Ha, mate.

I'm IP banned from the forums for no justified reason. They banned my account so I made another to actually post, and then they banned me. Any free dates?

Onyx is emerges.
Onyx is emerges.
Onyx is emerges.
Onyx is emerges.
Onyx is emerges.
Onyx is emerges.
Onyx is emerges.
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Onyx is emerges.
Onyx is emerges.
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Onyx is emerges.
and thank you for the "slap on the wrist"
It wont happen again.

Two questions

Am I to get my rating ability? Because you said I would once you got back from your trip on saturday.
Secondly, it seems as if there are only a few that review maps. Some that are supposed to don't. Can that be fixed?

Oh well

Forget it then, because there is no chance I am waiting 4 to 5 months just so I can try to intorduce NUMA to some decent maps.

two things

If a reviewer forgets than they must not be that intersted to begin with. Also why don't the reviewers just get their map ahead of time and there won't be an issue. Then if a map comes along that seems to be a better choice in their opinion then they review that map. Then when their day comes to they post it. Its easy and saves time, trouble, and gets more authors out there by being reviewed. I agree you should have about 25 reviewers. So that if by chance one forgets, another is there to fall back on. Also then you dont have to just live with a bad reviewer until you decide to add more.
Honestly, there wouldnt be any problem if they actually did review all the maps they need to, but I dont see that happening. If you were to include me, I could help fill those blank days.
because to be honest this system isnt working out. It isnt that our current reviewers are inadequate, but that there arent enough to have one review a day. I say make it so that you can only submit an application once per month, and any others will be ignored. I doubt you will get tons of applications per day.

point taken

however, I think you should give the antipsnipers ability to rate back because they didnt cause damage to the community and it seems they know not to do it again. On a seperate note, why does it take so long to become a reviewer? Even if you have 10 applications, the fact of the matter is there aren't enough anyway. Instead of waiting through 4 or 5 months of 1 feature staying up for extended periods of time, I think you should add more to the roster now. There isnt any point in waiting if you arent getting the features every day.


After you disabled their ratings did you take away some of the rates they already did? Either that or ALL of my maps were RESNIPED. That means, after you told them they antisniped maps that had never been sniped, they were sniped anyway. yeah, 3 ppl 5ing all my maps is a bit much, but then again 3 ppl sniping is a bit more.
want me to send you 2 sample reviews on the forum?


honesty is the best policy. Lol.

no he is my brother

and Im too young to have an email account (according to my mom) so he let me use one of his. He is pretty cool like that. Is he allowed to do that? (let me use one of his accounts, that is)

ok :(

I do apologise. But if it makes it better I didnt just rate all his a five just the ones that I thought deserved it.

Ok *looks down*

for how long?

if you looked at my

maps, would you consider any of them feature material?
Just curious.

I have a request.

Can you submit 0-4 mexican sunrise from fantasteque rever? I really liked that level.


Mr.Admin you think you can check out my maps.I would like some more feed back. Because you can never learn too much. :)

And so.

The dream ends. Where the beginning begins.
Or is it the other way around?
Funny thing, dreams. Vivid, yet murky.
But that vividness. It's what brings us back.
Back to the beginning, where we dream again.
So is it that the dream ends when the beginning begins?
Or is it that the dream begins when the ending ends?
I say that the dream begins when the dream ends.
Like gorillas on ice, you'll understand when you understand.

Very enjoyable.

If you could tell me what fantasque rever is? Please comment on one of my maps w/ info.


I'm afraid it's cheatable, as my demo shows (I skipped the first two switches). Personally I don't mind this, I think it adds to the whole multipath aspect of the map.
Demo Data

all golded

this puts all my other favourites to shame
Demo Data


Very hard but fun and beautiful. Faved. And congrats on admin southpaw!


Thanks for the congratulations.
I'm glad you like the map.
5'd if I could.


Nice tiles, sooooo hard but I absolutely love it. 5aved and late congrats on admin!