Cavern Traversing

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Author nicoguerreronico
Tags author:nicoguerreronico chaingun cool fun playable rated teleport-launch-pad
Created 2009-07-29
Last Modified 2009-07-29
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description My first map with a teleporter.
Oh, and dedicated to karmap0lice [] because he's awesome.

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how do you teleport?

faster :D don't edit this, it's also on nreality :(
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Great map.
Demo Data


It's like two old, stale concepts blended into a new, refreshing map.


Take with it what you will.
one way and died :P

there :D
Demo Data

lol :D Thanks! there's a minor problem with your teleport, if I do a corner wall jump where the switch is, I'm going to fast, awesone otherwise! I'll get a demo up when I can :)