The Circle Plateau

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Tags action author:ndeavour chaingun hard playable rated taciii
Created 2009-07-30
Last Modified 2009-07-30
by 7 people.
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Description For the TACIII Competition []

Rate, Comment and Enjoy. But most of all be Inspired.

Dedicated to Brainstone.

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I'm writing a super long message on the forums & it feels good to let it all go. I felt super bad anyways, it's my personality to let stuff like this get too far.

I also replied btw.

Beginning was cool

the rest, meh
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Well, that was a little late. ><
Nice Map though, very nice.


Here's that link you asked for, I finally got around to submitting it,
Here []


I'm really going to miss you. We've had some great times. Remember pinkcloud? Ahh.
"Good luck, good life, good Lord."




I am sad. Very, very sad.

Submit a new map?

I don't see why not.

*10 RCES


be careful

you have to be the +first+ to get the reward of 10 agds. if you wait you might lose.


I can not edit this map now due to public rating


Here is the edited version without chaingun covered.
I only thought that rule applied to non moving objects

This is sexy.

Tiless are great. gameplay is quite average wether or not you had control over objects i dont care. But still great for highscoring i feel this deserves a 4. Good job. AGD coming ASAP. ;) having a bit of trouble you seee.


Very generic. And the launchpads just looked ugly. These were by no means the right tiles for the objects.
but the first rule of the contest is:
1. You may not delete, add, alter, or cover up any objects at all.
...which you've done with a chaingun :(


I felt this in no way whatsoever fit the plateau theme, but still this was an excellent highscoring map. 4aved.
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Created 4 mins ago
Last Modified 4 mins ago
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.

I shall rate you 5
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only over the tiles.

A conservative AGD
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