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Author MattyMc13
Tags action author:mattymc13 flow fun rated
Created 2009-08-01
Last Modified 2009-08-01
by 7 people.
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Description Essentially, this is a remake of my first map [], but with way better aesthetics. I think this might be one of my best action maps yet. Comments? Suggestions?
Fastest AGD will get a ded in my next map, while the fastest speedrun(if it's a different person) will get a ded after that map.

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This was really fun, and a pretty neat adventure. 4/5
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Good map^^

The rocket keeps all the time being annoying... but that's a good thing :]... A bounce block in the middle would've been good maybe, so you can go straight to the thwump on the left and there are more ways for speedruns and AGDs... But overall a nice map. :]

And... how I asked you at your new race... do you know what GNU makes?... This question just came over me and... did I miss something? O.o


owned by thwump... i thwumpin hate thwumps...
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Demo Data

my speedrun
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your second fave is one of my maps!

this is really good 4.5/5 down + Faved :D
Horrible demo, but I posted it anyway.
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