99-4: Ouroboros

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Author cucumber_boy
Tags 99-4 action author:cucumber_boy epic kk playable rated
Created 2009-08-02
Last Modified 2009-08-02
by 31 people.
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Description Ouroboros! []

Well I did it. 100 episodes. Hurrah.

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Not as hard as I initially thought. Good map.
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Very nice level.

Gratz on 100 episodes, man :)
It's a great map to finish the pack. Very good object placement, tiles looked good, and playability was very good also. 4.5 but i'll round up plus faved.
Speedrun :D
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I wish M+R had put

this much effort into their 100 episodes. Congratulations on wiping the floor with them. Rock on.


I forgot to rate or comment

I also forgot to keep playing all of them. I was around ep 22 or something I think...

And I'm behind

the NReality idea.
It might just had a place for it in the community headlines.
Unfortunately, we're not starting again just yet :)


I'll try it again :P
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500 maps

very nice


Looking forward to playing the final version, you should have words with Nreality about inclusion in the next version if it works out well.

Yes I know

And I will be doing so shortly as soon as I can garner the tools.
of your column is absolutely trashed. Are you going to ever sort this into a pack? I think you'll need to revise it a little if you do.

Holy crapicus.

This map is the perfect 99-4. I would prefer it to the other 99-4. >,>


YEAH! 5/5

Sweet tiles. 5.

I hope..

..that NASA releases this map pack as well as N on a memory stick in the hope that an extraterrestrial race of space chimps will discover, play and adore it.
Working on a demo now. Faved.


actually love this map, the asthetics were sweet, the gameplay was great, and, just for you, a 5 (don't tell them i faved it).


Love the tiles.

Looks really nice

but I didn't enjoy the gameplay very much the mine placement was irritating. Congrats on 100 episodes.

just for the tiles

you get 5

AS if

you used this tileset to make a linear map... : /

A hundred episodes and you're still shit!..Only joshing, this is ace. It's grippped, it's sorted. Let's offfff road!



for you, kkkkkkkkkksssssssssssttttttttttrrrrrrrrroooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggooooooooooooooooooo
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looks just amazing id actually given a 6 but i think it played not good so 5

Awesome work, KK

Good job.



intense map

cool design :)
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Well done lad.
Well, if MidnightGetaway shows up it is definitely a party!!
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The stretch for a hundred is a stretch for one.
Words of elation say well done.
Words of wisdom say your work has just begun.

Party hard, kk.


5/5 just for doing it lol.


I didnt like it too much.


very cool man. =D


<bobaganuesh_2>: it's a /huge/ religious and historical insignia
<bobaganuesh_2>: well
<bobaganuesh_2>: congrats
<bobaganuesh_2>: you have crossed the last stone
<bobaganuesh_2>: heh...I remember the day you posted your first map...I played it!
<bobaganuesh_2>: PARTY!!
<kkstrong>: YES!