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Author Naczz
Tags action author:naczz rated
Created 2009-08-03
Last Modified 2009-08-03
by 12 people.
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Description I'm back!!! after a long break away from N, metanet and the likes because of work and school and of course girlfriend.. I have finally returned.. will be more on the forums and will continue my metanet life with even more enthusiasm. I am hoping to really dig into the community and feel home again..

one problem. i lost my n_data.sol which means I can't do any demo's or submit highscores (glad I am not meta_ing or the likes..).
I will be making a few more nicnac types of maps. keeping it oldschool..
enjoy the map. its just a warm up. so give me a chance to fit in again. i know it plays weird, but those of you that know me: its just the way I like it!

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The rest is great.
Death demo.
Demo Data

really funn

4. I actually played it ;)
but this computer is DAMN slow and I have no patience to make a demo. Nice map.


I love making my maps look good. I sometimes make maps that play fantasticly but they look shit, i discard them.
I think it took me longer to make the tileset than the objects on this one..
thanks guys.
The center is the best <3

...You always did have nice tiles.

you is

well cool

Very cool.

Good mechanics.

Also, I'm one of the newbs, if you could check my maps, I'd greatly appreciate it :D
=D im glad your back

awesome map

I really like the tiles of your maps. 5