House of Mirrors, and Scary Clowns

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Author MattyMc13
Tags author:mattymc13 flow race rated
Created 2009-08-04
Last Modified 2009-08-04
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description I feel like I can do better than this.

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and the one ways looked really messy. the appeal in your tilsets imo is their simplicity, and how you get more flow out of it than seems possible.

sure just cred and link

I thought it was funny =]
and a race

wanna collab?


Dont do bounceblocks like this -.-
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fastest AGD

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fairly fun

but i agree...not ur best. 3.5v

sure :]
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Hey I liked this one... I mean not your best, you can defeneatly do better, but it was a solid race. The tiles were and aesthetics were just OK. 4/5

Okay thanks man


No I'm sorry man.

It was probably just a weird coincidence. You can change it back, actually Id like you to.

I feel bad now.

But it's nice to see another race from you :]... In the last time only blocto, Riobe and sometimes rit seem to make races... Also some people who normally don't make races and... Oh yeah, and some noobs, but those things aren't really races :P... Sad times... (By the way: Where the fuck is GNU? O.o)

Well, in my opinion the aesthetics are ok, except from the thing in the lower middle, it looks kinda unnatural :/... Also I think it would've been better without the one ways...
The flow could be better and although he is not generic and there are some nice close calls, the whole thing feels kinda boring for me... Maybe it's because the map is so empty or maybe because you do this squeeze-and-back-you-know-what-I-mean-thing so often, I'm not sure.

I think you can do better, too, just try it^^
10 frames slower:
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You just used my map name.

I'm sad.

On the map, I prefer your tiles on previous maps of yours.

it also looked pretty bare without them
but failed. Oh well, I didn't care much for this race anyways.

Oh and

it's better without the one ways, they detract from the gameplay, and they are murdering the aesthetic appeal.

Those tiles

look like a bad brttrx tileset from about a year ago.

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