Treacherous Trill

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Author Natai
Tags author:natai ded music treacherous trill unrated
Created 2009-08-05
Last Modified 2009-08-05
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Map Data

Description My dedication to miststalker06's music series, because I wish I would have thought of it first.

Non-playable, obviously. More like a plain tileset.

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The cross (I'm Danish), I don't what it's called in English. # << that one and then use that for something. I've already made an F-major scale.


I have an offer for you. You can do some tilesets for me and I'll make a map of it. I would like some help, so I can submit some more maps for the users to play. :) It seems as though they are enjoying the music series. :)

Please comment on one of my maps if you wish to collaborate with me on this series.

Thanks once more,

Really awesome!

I'm definately going to use this. Is it okay if I redo this tileset to make it befit the F?
And thanks a LOT for the ded ^^ It means a lot to me that my maps are good to everyone :)