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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy exploratory featured imagemap nreality playable rated
Created 2009-08-06
Last Modified 2009-08-06
by 51 people.
Map Data

Description Play in NReality.

This map was featured on 2009-11-02

How many maps have been made lately that subvert what you’d expect with a ninja and some tiles? Hold on to your hats; because you’re about to have a crash course that teaches you against everything you know.

You’ll need to comb every surface carefully, looking for a crack in the rocks that lets you through to the sweet treasure inside. But watch out. What might seem like a way in could repel you, leaving you a target for that vindictive sniper. Caution is key.

Or you could try and get a balls-to-the-walls speedrun. Not literally, hopefully. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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Demo Data


I liked it, but i could see where the walls were not real, it was kinda slightly brown on my screen, and i guess that kinda took the fun out of it a little.


yesss very good
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Hmm a Dronie

let me be the first to say, you deserve it!

wow nice map.

so what do you think of my red-head zimbabwian friend stealing your user-name? (Yamboozy)

Why look at that

So it is.
here is a faster speed, and still improvable.

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Still much improvable. Sub-800 is easily possible.

This is one of the best uses for an image I have seen.

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wonderful map idea!


First comment!



this is

crazy. 5aved.

just realized this is nreality, ahah

and a slow agd
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really boring, average and not any fun imo


Balls To the WALLS!
(Also, fastest yet by far!)
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Great Map

Really like the whole concept, except the door switch area. Awkward, unnecessary, and irritating. However, I liked it overall.




or something


I remember playing this before =D


this is awesomely done
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I remember this

I could've sworn I commented on it. Oh well. Nice feature and review :D

Great map.. and thanks too gtm :D

thanks, gtm.

you helped me a lot.

YES! I was totally waiting for this to be featured. Best Nreality map ever!

great use of the gauss. although it was less hard than I expected. the nreality trick was also cool, though I didn't notice it much.

My first attempt

very fun map
Demo Data
Try instead.
because he keeps making great maps

Haha, I remember playing this map just two days ago.

Great map

What's all the fuss about?

I remember this map

Great feature. I love nreality maps.
Although, in retrospect it would have been harder had blank spaces been superimposed onto tiles in the foreground... but WHAT YA GONNA DO.

Eh, it's all right.

Most of the holes feel pretty obvious, though.

Truly epic.

Reminds me of mario, where you need to jump into the paintings xD Dunno why.

It's working.

See, I tried to make a map like this a while ago (same concept), and I found the gameplay awkward, even though I knew where the entrances were.

I experiemented with mines as markers, but they looked unappealing, perhaps hints in the image itself would work?