Ornge is the NEW rd

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Author nicoguerreronico
Tags author:nicoguerreronico cool luxer playable speedrun unrated weird
Created 2009-08-09
Last Modified 2009-09-11
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Description A weird map that I found strangley pleasing. Dedicated to karmap0lice for his AGD here []. Fastest AGD and speedrun both get ded.

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I enjoyed playing this map. The chaingun was used quite well.
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gameplay was very strange, and not enjoyable. you could've done better with that tileset
thanks for the ded :D:D
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Fast AGD

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but that demo isn't an AGD

My speedrun......

....I'm sure someone will beat it in like 2 seconds though
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...but it's actually pretty fun. 3.5/5 up. AGD.
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