Donald Duck-4:The last is the hardest

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Author MiBeM
Tags author:mibem donaldduck hard minejumper unrated
Created 2009-08-10
Last Modified 2009-08-10
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description The last map in my Donald Duck-episode. Ded to 1st completion.

Tileset []

Donald Duck-episode:
0:Between his eyes []
1:Cheek 1 []
2:Cheek 2 []
3:The beak []
4:The last is the hardest []

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Fun map :D
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could have done with some gold and I didn't like the trapdoors a one-way would have been better still a nice challenge 3.5/5
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decent map, but a little generic. 3
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wqhats that it doesnt work!!!!


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something didnt work


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Please help me!

I can't make links to the other Donald Duck-maps in the description! :(