Enclosed Caverns

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Author Drathmoore
Tags action author:drathmoore frogs meh mines unrated
Created 2009-08-10
Last Modified 2009-08-10
Rating 2 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description My second map? I must be bored... Anyway, here it is: (insert map name here). Essentially a sloped mine-jumper (?)

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Not bad

I liked it, but it was a bit nerve-racking...who am I kidding, that was awesome! 4aved.
needs more gold. very repetitive.

I enjoyed it

I think i'm even going to fave it, I had fun, awesome test of nerve :P.

4/5, looks a bit plain and the gold doesn't feel rewarding like rule said.=, but I enjoyed it.
It's a bit basic looking, and the gold doesn't feel very rewarding.
Also, it's a bit repetitive and since it's so long, not very exciting.

But what can someone expect from a second map :)