Operation Steam Heat

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Author nicoguerreronico
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Created 2009-08-10
Last Modified 2009-08-10
by 7 people.
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Description Dedicated to karmap0lice for his speedrun on my last map.

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common error

direct E tiles can make the level really infuriating, as it needs precision, and with the laser drone it can cause frustration and will eventually have a bad reputation because you'll need to stand and jump to fit trough them, If you made them Vertical '2' tiles on all of the left sides (and mod the tiles to fit a bit) it wouldn't be a pain in the ass. not very original, but assuming the time maybe this could be the 3rd time this has been done. 4/5


i dont like these types of maps. no rate


using three stops. pretty cool map
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thanks for ded :D lol, I hr'ed like there was no tomorrow at the end, pretty close call
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very good looking and very good playing
this demo beats it in 4 stops... I am pretty sure 3 stops is possible, just very difficult
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Geez, can't anyone comment anymore?