And I thought it would be easy...

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Author MiBeM
Tags author:mibem dronerace hard rated
Created 2009-08-12
Last Modified 2009-08-12
by 6 people.
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Description But no: every time I got to the finish, there was a zap drone blocking my way, waiting patiently for the opportunity to kill me. Then it killed me, and I had to do it all over again. RCE!

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Really good for lonely empty corridors. Drone timed perfectly.
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Fastest I could

go :p
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About the ded-

Action, preferably linear.

thanks for looking at my maps :)
as for links its quite hard to explain in a comment but its basically the standard BBC code system which is worth knowing.
Try reading this [] particularly the creating links bit and if your still having problems get back to me.

Cool map I love drone races :)

10 frames of Karma

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For example

Non fbf
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I keep killing myself on the chimneys.

even faster :)
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Karma's run is just AMAZING. Watch it, those who aren't super fast!

that drones got nothing on me
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Easy without a time limit, but challenging with one.

Here's a demo

to show it's possible if you do it really fast.
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it was easy...

until i reasiled i was racing the drone
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just warning you...