Confessions of a Priest

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Author nicoguerreronico
Tags author:nicoguerreronico cool drones gold rated rocket
Created 2009-08-12
Last Modified 2009-08-12
by 14 people.
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Description Here's a map. If you like it, rate it. If you don't like it, click here [].

Dedicated to ZTHING for his AGD here [].

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I can't believe this is one of the best ded's I ever got and I never demo'd it. I righted the wrong, and I should have rated a five back then.
Demo Data

that last one

was supposed to be in bold



ya karma

guess what? YOU DON' KNOW ME
buttrape? :o

Yes, I believe he is.
are you on drugs? all the time?

No, I count ones on nreality. Sorry.

really liked this! it's pretty fun and looks cool. I think you overdid the oneways though, some areas would work better with tiles, and some better without oneways. The drones could've been more of a challenge though :/
btw, do I get 2 deds from your previous map, because kk hasn't posted his agd, so? :D:D
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I hovered over the link, no logging me here.

I haven't tried the map, I'm not at my own computer atm. Looks... Interesting.

Oh I get it, the jokes on me because I thought you were serious. lol

Just don't

let that fireburnsfree kill the joke.


love how you fell for my joke back to yours. I really rated a 4 anyway. :P

Dude, it's a joke. Can't take a joke.


a noobish move. So we're not allowed to have an opinion? I don't like this map anymore. 3.
also the map deserves it lol

Here one

Really not that hard when you get the hang of this.
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Here's something that should have been an AGD but the stupid mine blew me up. Oh well, it shows that it's possible.
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Love it :)

Well, if you liked the map, you shouldn't have clicked there. :/

thats hilarious

I will use that.
I liked the map, but I wanted to know what would've happened if I had hated the map... AND THEN I GET LOGGED!? still nice map... 3.6/5