Small House; Big Clock

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Author nicoguerreronico
Tags action author:nicoguerreronico clock cool-looking fun luxer rated
Created 2009-08-14
Last Modified 2009-09-11
by 5 people.
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Description Grandma Ninja: Little Ninja, what time is it?

Little Ninja: I don't know Grandma Ninja.

Grandma Ninja: Well go find out will you?

Little Ninja: Yes Grandma Ninja.

Dedicated to karmap0lice for first AGD here [].

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From the looks of it, there's too much gold.

I may be wrong.

very enjoyable

that teleporter kept launching me into the mines =S. i finally gotten it straightened out here.

non agd completion.
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These clocks are the new atob trees.

it's hard to keep track of where I am because so much is happening, but I enjoyed this, and thanks for the ded :)
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