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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe awesome fun medium-hard playable race rated
Created 2009-08-17
Last Modified 2009-08-17
by 21 people.
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faster agd
best race ever...
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Awesomeness. 5aved

Flawless 2 da max

Difficult too!

Flawless 2 da max

Difficult too!

<Leaff> Riobe
<Leaff> you haven't played your ded yet have you
<Riobe> No I haven't.
<Riobe> And I never wwill.
<Riobe> I'm sorry.

I take back all of my previous statements this map is FAIL. Pout pout stamp stamp.
you can't see it when it's in the comment body because BBCode is a jackass

This is badass.



Saw no Pheidi here.

Nor flow.



awsome race

loved it. The only thing is that I wish that I could corner jump at the top. Not sure if it's a lack of ability or it's not possible.

I love this, I love riobes abstract races, they're simply awesome :)

damn why me!? I reported abuse on bonnies comment sorry :(


Link Blackson to this map and tell him to stuff it :D
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I just saw your demo lol, faster speedrun :]
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nice map

until I finished it. First try slow AGD.
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Defenitely a 5

Great, great stuff.

faster agd

excellent race, it's awesome, faved
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5aved - really nice changover, those generic things were getting a little samey :P
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Pure Awesome



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very nice :D

couldn't stop playing this.
i loved the abstractish flow. Though the tiles weren't that great. 4.5v

first decent agd i got...
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Comments please?

I'd appreciate it. :3

142 frames faster.

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