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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading rated sad simple
Created 2009-08-17
Last Modified 2009-08-17
by 13 people.
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Description ded to leaff amzing author great at advice :) you rock leaff

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I feel good, enjoy a 5
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ah ok

thanks for your help getting my ratings up are any of them world faving yet?

thanks for

rating a whole bunch of my maps I'm working my way through these I'v got to here. I woulda used lasers

Wow! 5avorited

I really loved it. I love simple but effective maps, and this is one of them. Tileset is simple, seems nice and plays so good. 2 chainguns and 2 rocket launchers worked perfectly. Gold and mine placement is excellent.

Here is my AGD (just 1000 frames ^^ ) :
Demo Data

two stars?

thats stupid. have a 5.

Awwww close to agd

hah k, consider my eyes peeled
Demo Data
... Don't be so depressed...
Maybe you're not the best map maker, but you can become it :]

And because of our collab... You had some good enemy ideas and the little tile you added on the left was a good idea, too ^^... I improved this and made out of the tiles a bounce block and moved the enemies a little bit...

You see, you have some good ideas sometimes, but you have to know how you can perfect them :]... If you want, you can read these [] to improve your skills... I read some of them, too and they helped me very much ^^

And for this map I can just say what Leaff said (I would've taken rockets or lasers maybe) :P
Tiles are an improvement, still not too great, though. :/ I think chainguns weren't the best for this kind of environment. Experiment with different enemy types.