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Author ultimatereading
Tags author:ultimatereading gold mechanics mines rated
Created 2009-08-17
Last Modified 2009-08-21
by 13 people.
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Description ded to four great friends spoof, XY, leaff and furry_ant. thanks guys :)

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so close

nice "minejumper-esqe" map 4/5
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but I'm not sure how usable


Gauss and rocket launchers aren't so active, but that's enough. Gold placement is very nice. Gameplay is not linear. The map is eligible both for speedrun and highscore.

I couldn't agd it yet ^^ but i'll post it whenever i do.
ill look at some more when i have some more time :D
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Fantastic tiles

agreed with leaff. 4.
open. too clustered togethr
Slightly means 2000 frames xD
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easy enough

though this is not like most of your other maps... this one is a little more boring
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Your gold is always a bit random, I have some advice for you: Try to place serveral pieces of gold as packages (in form of circles, squares or things like that) or lines at special places instead of serveral pieces of gold all over the map...

And... our collab... I made again some tiny (really tiny) edits [] :P... Now is the question: Who should submit it?


with Leaff and others about the map, looks very cool (maybe a race could be made with tile shifts???)

our collab? hm, i thought it was done... you can post it if it is, ill check the forums about it.

im closing in on map 150, so you should post it =D

Yes. I do.

These tiles work well together. It is a bit cramped, but some levels need a cramped atmosphere. 4/5 :D


I dont put objects into tilesets too often.. I like to think that the best parts of my maps are the tiles.. and if I put objects into others tilesets I would be lessening their greatness. Thats just my opinion.

This looks cool

Sorry i was gone for a lil bit.. im usually someone who prefers gameplay over aesthetics, so id appreciate this less than other people, but i still like the look.

It looks good.^^

Maybe a bit too much stuff, overall it looks good, though... But... Moving in it is a bit difficult :P...

For our collab... Maybe you could change the tiles which don't influence the gameplay a bit :]... I think it could look better than now...

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But there are some really cool looking things in there. Nice.