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insane demo
Demo Data

I saw the demo...

I still couldn't do it though.
I'll give it a few more tries In a bit.


Hard as hell but really neat concept!
I can't do it though ;___;

Thank you so much,

Chume! :D But much too hard for me, I'm afraid :(
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aww man what is wrong with people this was awesome. o well back to the drawing board I guess.

I hate thwumps! :-(

But still a good map. 3.5/5

thanks again

for the offer to help me out with my map making... if you have looked at any of my other maps, some are ok and others just suck nuts... i'd be really glad if you would help me a little... do you have gmail or something that would make it easier to talk?


thanks for the feedback on my "simple challenge"

I knew about stalkR

Nice to see you're one, too :D
I wouldn't say I'm massively into them, but they do have some cool tracks (Mirando being my favourite).

Nice use of thwumps. It's quite nice, but it can get a bit repetitive at times.



could you

check out mine?

You poor, poor deprived little boy. :(



I like the concept

but a tad boring. There was not much change in the gameplay it was just jump and jump and jump. Boring but still a 3 for the concept.

Completion demo

only for if your stuck/have given up but if that is the case enjoy it its quite good. Just 1 of many routes I put in.

Thanks Im_bad_at_N
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faved for later, i got to go.
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