In the Cold and Frosty Morning

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Author The_Farman
Tags action author:the_farman unrated
Created 2009-08-20
Last Modified 2009-08-20
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Map Data

Description Just about my favourite map of mine. An awful lot harder than it looks, and an exemplary example (hehe) of what I aim for when mapping. Made a long time ago, when I was pumping out maps like Archimedes' brain pumped out ideas.

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looks really cool, just plays a bit awkward.
Also, it is cheatable, but I didn't cheat :]
Demo Data

Nice map

Although I must confess I would never try for an AGD since the rocket-trapdoor jump really is a bitch. 4.
but the gameplay felt forced and cramped. The top right corner was the best, because there were a few cramped hallways that led to open areas. If you expanded on that idea, you'd have yourself a pretty cool map.


Ded goes to Jawbit. You like the map?

horribly slow

but first, i believe
Demo Data

I think.

A ded is in order to the first AGD. Amaze me. Also, it's probably cheatable. I don't care.