Better Times, Strange places

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Author ChaoStar
Tags author:chaostar coinflip featured rated worthy
Created 2009-08-21
Last Modified 2009-08-21
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description I spent time on this.

This map was featured on 2010-04-13

Better Times, Strange places is a walk through a fully operational industrial power plant. All the gears are in motion, and deadly traps lay about. How poor of our beloved ninja to be ensnared in such a predicament!
But we must all have faith in the trusty wielder of the keyboard! Quickly! Circumnavigate the factory belts to get to the exit as fast as you ca- Oooh, is that gold?T3chno

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"oh what nice flow"


That was the fun of this. But it's part of the flow, correct?


I know I`ve played this map before. It seems I didn`t comment.

That left solitary mine is bullshit.
And I still love it. <333
The rest is fine. 3/5
I was going to delete myself after a while; it was just me being silly.


where's yahoozy's comment?

Gratz by the way
no shit sherlock. haha
Go with the flow.


I got past that mine on my first try. And all subsequent tries, bar one.

And I'm shit. :/


it's alright. not much past that.

Yes you did

you should come back ;_;


I got a feature

I don't like this.

It, just didn't do anything for me. However it being featured makes it above average.
Demo Data
Interesting map. 3.5^
Demo Data


really well, even that mean mine.


But Ugly Thumbnail

Good thing this is featured, because I have seen much better looking maps without comment on the hotmap page.

Honestly the map itself looks a little better blown up... From a distance it is spaghetti.
just not this map.

I support ChaoStar.
but that review is really good :p
but nonetheless this is really cool. 4.5^


this is awesum.
but this is overboard D: Make a map in between this and your simple ones.

But at least you spent time on it :p
You have to perform a nice little jump to get past it.

Why the fuck.

Did you place that single mine at the end of the first bit. Delete it please.


this is very worthy, i like it a lot.